Thursday, February 27, 2014

Minecraft at the Library

I've been to a few workshops on Minecraft recently and learned what others are doing around this very popular topic. Here are some ideas:
  • Sometime all that is needed is a place for them to play. Provide computers and let them have at it!
  • Partner with a local organization, or someone that has a dedicated minecraft server. For example, Kelly at Wood was approached by a family in town who runs their own Minecraft server called "Canandaigua Minecrafters." Or find a tech saavy parent who can help with this.
  • Have a teen lead the Minecraft program. Melissa at Clifton has a teen run her program and hosts Minecraft parties
  • An idea for programming, pick a passage from a book and have kids create the space on Minecraft. Can make this a competition (or not)
  • Have a Minecraft party. Make Minecraft crafts (i.e. foam ax) or make a "creeper." Have "minecraft" food. Pinterest has ideas. Here's link
  • Show Minecraft YouTube videos. Interestingly enough, kids like to watch other kids playing Minecraft
  • Put elements on a maker board (turn it into a scavenger hunt)
Please post ideas you have here as well!

Here's article from Voya Magazine on more Minecraft ideas.


  1. I thought I remembered one of the librarians say that she had recreated their children's space in minecraft!

    I was also thinking about what you could use minecraft for this summer. Having never played it, I am guessing that you might be able to use it to either promote summer reading or do an in-depth program about how video games are made. It's actually very interesting because many of the parts haven't changed since the original game consoles like atari, just gotten smaller!;qtype=keyword;locg=767;page=2

    1. oops, I meant to say that we just got this book at our library and it's pretty neat! I've also had some patrons who said they were interested in game design- an actual major at RIT I believe!