Friday, November 7, 2014

iPad at the Avon Free Library

      So far, I have just been using the iPad at the end of story hour, since I have many young children here, and limited computers for them to use. But I took the jump today in using it as part of story hour.
     First, I read a couple of books about planes and flying (I want to be a Pilot, and My Friend, Rabbit). We also talked about being on an airplane since many of the kids had been on one before.
     Then we listened to the noises that different planes make. Each child got a turn to touch the screen. The app I used is called Educavroom. It is kind of like the app that Anne showed us with the animal noises, only for all different kinds of vehicles. I mainly just used the airplane ones, but we couldn't just go past the fire engine without listening to that siren! This app could be used in a variety of ways since it has planes, trains, cars and boats. I have the free version, so there is limited access, but the app is $1.99 for the full version and you can record your own sounds too, which might be neat if you wanted to record the kids making the car noises to use in a story.
     Lastly, we made paper airplanes (the kids drew on them, then helped fold them by pushing down on the fold made by an adult) then we tried to get them through a couple of hula hoops I had suspended from the ceiling. They had a blast! They worked off some of their abundance of energy and worked on fine as well as large motor skills. They also felt like they were "winning". They got lots of points for getting the planes through the hoop (entirely their invention!).
     I'm hopeful that other people will share useful apps so I can steal some more ideas! I loved the Go Away Big Green Monster! I did want to use one of the Byron Barton apps, since he has a book about planes available, but we are still working on getting money onto an Apple Account so we can purchase more apps.

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  1. Thanks for the great ideas Jessica. I loved how you tied in the story with the craft of making the airplanes. Great job!