Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Miss Mary's iPad Adventure

I decided to introduce the iPad by doing a full-out digital storytime.  I had a Bluetooth speaker and purchased a Lightning to VGA adapter (thanks Anne and Adam for the technical advice!) to connect the iPad to our projector.  Figuring out the distances necessary for getting an acceptable image on the screen, and allowing enough room for an energetic story time and cord restrictions was a challenge!

I recorded a short introduction in Sock Puppets.  Thirty seconds is not much time to fit in Read, Sing, Write, Talk, Play.  I got a little better as I repeated the recording about ten times, but I ended up not using it.  I will continue to play with this app because I love hearing the voice modulations!

After my traditional opening song and a brief introduction to what I was planning and a five-question survey of the audience about technology in the home (Turns out they all had an internet-connected computer at home, and about half had an iPhone or iPad.), I read the book, Bob, by Tracey Campbell Pearson.  Then we listened to the sounds the animals made in the story using Animal Sounds.  The kids were delighted.  Especially when I accidentally played the Tiger sound!

We did a traditional felt board “Hickory, Dickory, Dock” and a recitation of “Jack Be Nimble.”  Then I showed them the Mother Goose on the Loose app version of “Hickory, Dickory” and “Itsy, Bitsy” Spider.

We used scarves to dance to a Laurie Berkner song, an activity that up to this time I have used a CD player for.
Then we read the book Planes using the Byron Barton App that I had purchased. I let the narrator read.  The toddlers were especially excited by the animation in the app.

I read the book, All Around the Kitchen, a book published by the folks at Music Together.  First I “read” it unaccompanied. Then I passed out shakers and we listened and danced to the downloaded song that was included with the book.

The story time ended with my traditional Goodbye song and bubbles.

I asked adults to take another brief survey, and they all indicated that they would try the iPad in the library. 

So, I survived, and so did the families.  The toddlers responded well.  Having two people would have been very helpful, given the cord restriction issues with the projector.  I don’t really have a setup that works well for projected images in story time.  I assured families that story time wouldn’t always include so much of the iPad, but that I would use it to enhance what we normally do, and it would be available for them to explore with their children.

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  1. Mary, I also have the same problems with projecting. Even showing movies at our library requires some finesse with the power cords, the projector, extension cords, etc.