Monday, March 2, 2015

iPad Story

My first day using the iPad was frightening because I had never used one and was afraid my patrons would mark me with a scarlet letter. I started story time by passing out a pre-survey to see how savvy my patrons are with technology.Everyone but one parent was familiar with an iPad. Majority felt that it was appropriate to use during story time and a few were unsure or just said no. It was a good thing I didn't look at the results until after using the iPad for six weeks. I did purchased an iTV to use with the projector to project onto the wall, the only downside was if a child stood in front of the projector we saw nothing. I never let the kids hold the iPad, I did the work for them. During the six weeks I used the following apps & books:

  • Make a scene (Christmas) - Kids went to the wall to dig letters from the snow to spell the mystery word.
  • Overdrive - Borrowed ebooks to read
  • Animal - I didn't project but play the "guess what animal" sound game.
  • Purchased books: Five little monkeys jumping on the bed, Napkin Man and Turkey Gobble. These had little interactive areas for us to do while reading.
  • SeeTouchLearn: I used for alphabets
  • Feltz & Mother Goose on the Loose: felt board

So I didn't use it that much, probably a good 5 - 10% per session. I'm not sure if it was the weather or the iPad but my attendance started to increase. At the end of the six weeks I passed out my post-survey, the results were: Everyone thought using iPad during story time was appropriate; some felt it was interactive; some had issue with the set-up of the projector, some felt iPad should be used a few times but not during every story time and everyone loved seeing the book enlarged on the wall.

In the end I have decided to apply for a grant to purchase a ceiling projector for the Story Room. My plans are to project more stories on the wall and when using iPad for a game to let the kids one at a time use it while others look on.

Tanya Thompson
Youth Services Librarian
Geneva Public Library

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